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Polycarbonate brings form to a variety of possibilities.

Polycarbonate's toughness makes it suitable for a variety of applications.

We apply our unique technologies to polycarbonate to create unparalleled products for use across several industries. For example, we can provide processing and coating on three dimensional curved surfaces.

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Products for the transportation industry


Usage in Electric Vehicles
By replacing glass products with PC, automobile designers have been able to decrease their car's energy consumption and thereby increase travel distance. Since our polycarbonate products can meet automotive glass requirements across the globe, our parts can be used in with both the domestic and international markets.


Polycarbonate Cuts Weight
RENIAS's polycarbonate is used to cut weight in the Mitsuoka Motor Orochi rear quarter windows, headlight covers, and rear tail lamp covers

Rear Window

Headlight Cover

Rear Tail Lamp Cover
Rear Tail Lamp Cover


Golf Carts

Polycarbonate Golf Cart Windows
Polycarbonate is scratch resistant, blocks infrared and UV rays, provides excellent water repellency on rainy days, and provides superior visibility and comfort for drivers.



Polycarbonate used for bus destination plaque covers and sun visors for improved safety


Construction machinery

Polycarbonate provides safety and visibility to cabin windows. We have the largest market share in the construction machinery field and our products are used on machines from all major manufacturers.

Sunroofs from several makers