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RENIAS creates an environment-friendly future, with "safe and reliable manufacturing technology."

Company Profile

Chair Toru Maeda
Established June 9, 1976
Offices Headquarters / Mihara Plant
    200-76, Obara, Nutanishi-cho, Mihara-shi, Hiroshima-ken
    729-0473 Japan [Map]
    TEL +81-848-86-1137 FAX +81-848-86-6377
  Oyama Plant
    2370-18, Nobushima, Oyama-shi, Tochigi-ken
    323-0152 Japan [Map]
    TEL +81-285-39-8085 FAX +81-285-39-8086
Affiliated Company RENIAS AMERICA, INC.
    1701 East Woodfield Road, Suite 209, Schaumburg, IL 60173 U.S.A.[Map]
    TEL +1-847-744-6662
Operations Development, manufacture, and sales of parts for transportation equipment and special vehicles
Primary Products Processed polycarbonate products (including roofs, windows, light covers))
Processed aluminum products (including sashes, doors, and cabins)
Primary Facilities One-Stop Polycarbonate Processing System
CNC Mulitbender

Corporate History

1976 Nishi Nihon Gasket Corp is founded in Onomichi, Hiroshima (¥2M in capital)
Nishi Nihon Gasket begins production on a variety of gaskets for agricultural equipment such as rice transplanters and combine harvesters
1988 Iseki Carbo Techno Co. founded as CFRP & PC manufacturing arm (¥80M in capital)
RENIAS's primary factory founded as a carbon fiber and polycarbonate research facility
1989 ¥20M capital investment
Begins manufacture of cabin window sashes to capitalize on boom in construction machinery
1991 Nishi Nihon Gasket Corp changes its trade name to RENIAS CO., LTD.
Iseki Carbo Techno Co. changes its trade name to RENIAS TECHNO CO., LTD
1993 Opens Tokyo Business Office
1995 Corporate headquarters moved to current location in Mihara, Hiroshima
2002 RENIAS CO., LTD. absorbs RENIAS TECHNO CO., LTD. (¥80M)
Development, manufacture, and sales of security products begins, utilizing experience in polycarbonate and aluminum manufacture
2004 Additional ¥40M capital investment
Additional ¥70M capital investment
Opens silicone coating plant
Acquired ISO9001:2000 certification
2005 Adds silk screening facilities
With the addition of silk screening facilities, RENIAS combines thermoforming, silicon coating, silk screening and machining facilities all under one roof.
2008 Acquired European Certification ECE 43R
2009 Updated ISO9001:2000 certification to ISO9001:2008
Acquired ISO14001:2004 certification
2012 Chosen as the 88th Official New Technology Fund recipient
2013 Adds solar power generator
Adds silicone coating facilities
2014 Adds four-axis injection compression machine
2015 Opens Oyama Plant
2017 Acquired Japanese Standard Certification JIS R 3211
Acquired US Standard Certification ANSI DOT-1074, AS-4/5
RENIAS AMERICA, INC established in United States
Updated ISO9001:2008 certification to ISO9001:2015
Updated ISO14001:2004 certification to ISO14001:2015