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Infrared Coats

Infrared Shielding Coats *Patent Pending

Not all colored polycarbonates can block infrared. RENIAS developed IR absorbing nanoparticles and primer particle dispersion technology allowing for IR blocking with superior transmittance of visible light.


Light Transmittance by Polycarbonate Color

Light Transmittance Comparison between RENIAS and other company's IR Coats

We estimate a drop of nearly 5°C

As you can see in the chart above, our REMR-SCIR allows considerably more visible light and considerably less IR light through compared to our competitors.


Temperature Comparison

Glass Windows VS RENIAS's IR Coated Polycarbonate

Surface Temperature Test

We verified an over 10°C drop in surface temperature under mid-summer conditions.

Surface Temperature Comparison

Surface Temperature Difference

Testing Site

Sensors were placed on black sheet boxes and inserted into two separate cases with different seals.

Testing Site

Home Cooling Cost Comparison

Electrical Bill Comparison, Tokyo & Naha (MJ)

Nearly 30% drop in electricity consumption in both Tokyo & Naha


Calculation Method

Values measured via the home cooling bill calculator program SMASH.

SMASH Settings

• Home Model: Standard Home
• Building Layout: 125.9m² Floor Space
• Circulation Schedule: 0.5 Times/hr
• Cooling Schedule:

Heater Cutoff 20°C
Cooler Cutoff 27°C

Room Chart