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Super Hard Coats

Super Hard Surface Coats *Patent Pending

Coating Hardening Process

  • Coating is processed under special UV light and atmosphere

Super Hard Coat Features

  1. Tough yet elastic anti-abrasive coating
  2. Ensured durability throughout hardness grade
  3. Surface treatment process suitable for mass production

    Perfect Material For Windows with Wipers
Areas Hit with Light Are Hardened

Super Hard Coat Tests

Taber Abrasion Test

  • Test Standard: ASTM D 1044
  • Settings: 1000 Revolutions, 500g Load
  • Taber Abraser Machine
    Taber Abraser Machine

    Test Results

    Taber Test Results (ASTM)
    Surface Hardness Comparable with Glass!

    (50x Zoom by Electron Microscope)

    Polycarbonate: 52%
    (50x Zoom by Electron Microscope)

    Super Hard Coat: 1.3%

    (50x Zoom by Electron Microscope)

    Tempered Glass: 1.2%

    Abrasion Resistance Standards by Country

      Front Rear Front Side Rear Side Rear Quarter Roof
    Japan ×
    USA ×
    Europe ×
    ✓: Current coating meets requirements   : Windows requiring hard coats (2% or lower after 1000 Rotations)
    ×: Locations where polycarbonate cannot be used
    (Currently European front window standards are in the process of being relaxed, while North America is requiring more windows to be hardened

    Wiper Endurance Test

    Wiper Endurance Test Results (In-House Method)
    No Issues After 660 Hours (13,800 Strokes)

    Wiper Endurance Test Machine

    Wiper Endurance Test Machine

      0 hrs 12 hrs 36 hrs 60 hrs
    0.2 0.17 0.24 0.25
    Super Hard Coat 0.36 0.36 0.37 0.38
    Base Polycarbonate 0.29 3.92 5.79 14.33