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Polycarbonate Processing

Silk Screened Fritting


  • Fine printing on all polycarbonate surfaces and coats
  • Special fritting material available for enhanced adhesion to coated surface (flat surfaces only)
RENIAS's Fritting Process
We offer two fritting methods depending on printing process.

Process A

Polycarbonate Ink
All top coats are applied after printing

Process B

Specially Prepared Ink Formula
Ink is applied after coating



  • Forms polycarbonate without changing its thickness or causing additional residual stress
  • May mold sheet thickness if desired
  • Molding type and mold construction chosen based on product design
  • Targeted to small lots and big surface areas.
    (Compared to injection molding, this method costs more per unit though initial tooling costs are low)

Features of RENIAS's Molding Machine
Automatic Feed Heated Vertical Compression Molder (Compact and Capable of Processing Large Sheets)



  • Stable results on flat and molded products for small lots of varying designs.
  • Flexible, multi-line processing offering dip and flow coating methods. Choose to emphasize even thickness across your parts or use different coats for different items.
Dip Coating
Polycarbonate is immersed in the coating solution. The evenness of the coat is controlled by manipulating the item as it is withdrawn from the solution.

Flow Coating
Coating solution is run top to bottom across the face of the polycarbonate, forming the coat. This allows you to coat single surfaces or apply different coats to different sides.



  • Machines 2D & 3D polycarbonate forms.

*The best cutting tool will be selected depending on the thickness, design, and surface shape of the design

3D NC Router