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Green Products

Electric Vehicles

RENIAS has worked with several electric vehicle manufacturers.



The SIM-Drive Advanced Development Operations Development Group's goal is to expand adoption of electrical vehicles. SIM-Drive creates next-gen concept cars using technologies like direct-drive in-wheel motors and frame-integrated components.

RENIAS used its PC processing technology to provide windows for SIM-Drive's SIM-LEI and SIM-WIL concepts. For the SIM-CEL model, RENIAS actually collaborated in the development process, using our technology to further improve the environmental profile of the electric vehicle.


Model 1: SIM-LEI

SIM-Drive Model 1

Model 2: SIM-WIL

SIM-Drive Model 2

Model 3: SIM-CEL

SIM-Drive Model 3
SIM-Drive Official Site

ELFB (ELectric Full-flat Bus)

The ELFB is a prototype "environmentally friendly electric full-flat bus" completed in April 2011 as a joint development venture between Kanagawa Prefecture, Keio University, and Isuzu Motors. RENIAS's IR-coated PC windows are used in this prototype to both save weight and decrease the amount of energy consumed by the bus. In the future, this prototype will be further tested and refined into a production model.

Electric Bus

Architectural Windows (Lawson Kure-Hiro Koen Store)

RENIAS's RENIGUARD (REMR-SCIR) IR-coated polycarbonate is used to cut air conditioning costs in the second floor windows of Lawson Kure-Hiro Koen store in Kure, Hiroshima prefecture.

Lawson Window Shot 1Lawson Window Shot 2

Lawson Window Shot 3Lawson Window Shot 4

Cutting Infrared Light

Regular windows let through infrared light. This light raises the room temperature requiring more energy to be used by air conditioners.

By adding our IR coating to naturally insulating polycarbonate, we were able to reduce the need for air conditioning and thereby decrease energy consumption and power bills.