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Quality Control & Environmental Policy

Quality Control Policy

We strive to create products and services that meet the satisfaction of our customers. To this end, we regularly adjust our quality management system to be as reasonable as possible.

Environmental Policy

RENIAS creates an environment-friendly future, with "safe and reliable manufacturing technology."

(1) We strive to use the technological ability we've cultivated through polycarbonate and aluminum processing to develop, design, manufacture, and sell environmentally friendly products for the transportation, automotive, residential and all other industries. We accurately understand the environmental impact of our activities and strive to prevent environmental contamination while improving the environment.
(2) We strive to regularly set goals and enact plans to improve our environmental impact to the extent that the goals are technologically and monetarily feasible.
(3) We will comply with all environmental legislation and other regulations, and may create our own corporate regulations if needed to protect the environment.
(4) We seek to shrink the environmental footprint of our products through developing resource-conserving and energy-conserving technologies. Environmental concerns are considered during development, design, manufacturing, and all other stages of the service pipeline.
(5) We promote awareness and understanding of environmental conservation by actively educating our employees and related personnel regarding RENIAS's environmental policy and environmental conservation as a whole.
(6) We will facilitate communication by releasing the appropriate information regarding our environmental policy.
President & CEO Toru Maeda