R & D

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Research and Development

Through collaboration with other companies, universities and research institutions, we are pioneers in creating new products.
Based on the awareness that true competitiveness depends on R & D capabilities, we are promoting research and development with emphasis on applied research to create futurist products.

Collaborative research achievements

  • Hiroshima University

    ・Development of transparent sound insulation wall
    ・Development of micro hardness measurement method

  • Toyohashi University of Technology

    ・Superhydrophobicization of the hard coat surface

  • Kanagawa University Engineering Research Institute

    ・Study on surface modification of polycarbonate window for equipping in vehicles

Equipment for research & development

  • 【Analytical equipment】

    - Ultraviolet to infrared spectrophotometer
    - FT-IR
    - GPC
    - Gas chromatography
    - SEM
    - Thermal analyzer (TG / DTA, DSC)
    - Particle size distribution meter
    - Contact angle measuring device

  • 【Test equipment】

    - SUV Weathering Tester
    - S-Xe Weathering Tester
    - Thermo-hygrostat
    - Heating tester
    - Tensile / compressive testing machine
    - Switching durability test machine
    - Wind pressure tester
    - Combustion testing machine

  • 【Prototype equipment】

    - Dip coater
    - Flow coater
    - Spin coater
    - Bar coater
    - Hot air drying furnace
    - Various stirrers
    - UV irradiation device
    - VUV irradiation device
    - Clean room