small size, big leading company


Renias refine "quality", "technology" and "person"rather than pursue expansion of scale, to become a company that responds to our customers with the highest product quality, outstanding first-class technical strength, service.

Philosophy Philosophy

International Organization for Standardization

- Quality Policy

We aim to build a system of product creation and services that satisfies customers, always with a high quality management system through "kaizen" (improvement)

- Environmental policy

Folling our guide lines "Manufacturing with Safety and Trusting" Renias is creating an environment-friendly future for people and the for the planet.


Safety Glass Certification

- ECE 43R (European Safety Glass Standard)

Renias acquired "E-Mark" for automobile resin window safety glass, specified by UN Economic Commission.


- JIS R 3211 (Japan Safety Glass Standard)

Acquired factory certification for automotive safety glass specification stipulated by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


- ANSI Z 26.1 (US Safety Glass Standard)

Acquired the number "DOT-1074" as a glazing material maker specified by NHTSA (National Traffic Safety Administration).
Acquired test certification of ANSI Z 26.1 - 1996 standard.