We will continue toward challenges having in our minds
"One and only, Awesome Company".


My name is Toru Maeda, and I'm Renias' CEO.
Since its founding in 1976, Renias Corporation has been developing our business even in challenges environmental changes. We use our management philosophy of "Leading Superior Technology for Customer" as the action guidelines that we value.
If we write our feelings into words, it will be like this:

· Aiming for true growth, not only grow in size, but aim for a vigorous health growing.
· Do not judge by the size, do not shake, do not fear.
· Do not be afraid of existing concepts and common sense, do not fear changes.
· Do not miss the timing by long judgments with emphasis only in speed and gathering information.
· We constantly renew the company recognizing diversity.

Based on the above beliefs, we aim to become a company that can provide first-class services and first-class treatment to stakeholders by refining "quality", "technology" and "people" rather than pursuing expansion of scale.

Judgments arising from our action guidelines are projected on corporate activities such as selection and concentration, and have been embodied in today's business activities and at market penetrating power (market development) and penetration (market share).

We will continue to increase our presence in the market and we will continue to challenge ourselves towards our guide line "One and only, Awesome Company".

Thank you.


CEO Toru Maeda